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LetsHelpIndia Aug 16 '12, 05:51

this episode specially for those married women who faced bad behavior of their husbands, and show how to treat husband if they misbehave, and also show success story of those women who face domestic violence in past.
For countless women, entering married life often means the beginning of a stressful, violent existence. Beating one's wife seems to be ingrained in many men's mindsets as the appropriate behaviour for a strong male, but the consequences are misery for the wife and children, and often a broken, unhappy home. The concept of domestic violence is based on the notion of patriarchy, which needs to be converted into equality.
watch the video if you miss..Satyamev Jayate - Episode 7 - Domestic Violence - Danger At Home - 17 June 2012
would you like to help and support these women ?or you are one of these..please write your opinion, information or success story here.This will helps someone.

Moin Motiwala
Moin Motiwala May 23 '14, 07:55
Satyamev Jayate Rocks. Aamir Khan should do an episode on the misuse of the Domestic Violence Act & how women make money from it.

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