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LetsHelpIndia May 14 '14, 04:26

A survivor of rape or sexual assault may feel fear, shock, disgust, worthlessness or numbing in the short term after the incident.

In the long term, she may experience depression, chronic anxiety, self-blame, suicidal tendencies or post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is also possible that she may not display any evident signs or symptoms of trauma at all, either in the short or the long term.

Whatever her emotional response to the assault, it is important for her to begin the process of healing as soon as possible.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) should be given in the immediate aftermath of rape or sexual assault. PFA can help ensure safety, calm, connectedness, hope and self-efficacy.

It can be given by anyone who comes into contact with a survivor soon after the assault.

As part of PFA, the survivor needs to be told that the assault was not her fault, that she did nothing wrong or shameful, and that she is not responsible for it, no matter what the circumstances were. 

The person giving the PFA should help her regain a sense of control over her life and talk to her about what steps she can take to get treatment or make a police complaint if she wishes to do so.

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bharti May 23 '14, 05:21
If the Psychological First Aid (PFA) should be given in the immediate aftermath of rape or sexual assault so that it can help ensure safety, calm, hope and self-efficacy, then it must be taught as a special subject in the field of Psychology.
sneha tripaathi mishra
sneha tripaathi mishra May 23 '14, 05:24
yes bharti u r right,it should be a special subject in psychology, because when crime is comited from that time for the victim the PFA is as important as medical examination untill that girl feel herself able to live her life again.not only for that victime but its also necesory for the family of that victime because in such cases the family member also leave the hope of a happy life.

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