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LetsHelpIndia May 10 '14, 04:48

Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving penetration without consent, which is initiated by one or more persons.

Sexual assault is broadly defined in Indian law as making unwelcome physical contact with a woman, demanding or requesting sexual favours, harassing a woman with unwelcome remarks or gestures, or forcing her to watch pornography without her consent.

Consent in this context is defined as the willingness to participate in a sexual activity of any nature. However, if a woman stays silent, has no injuries on her body, is not in a condition to give consent, it doesn’t mean that rape has not occurred. A woman can be threatened or forced into submission.

Rape and sexual assault are crimes that are not defined by time, location, caste or even age. Sex offenders too, cannot be defined as being of a particular ‘type’. 

Acts of sexual violence are committed even by relatives, friends and colleagues, apart from complete strangers.

These acts are often a display of power, authority and domination, and not committed only out of lust.

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Pranchal Mittal
Pranchal Mittal May 23 '14, 03:54
i think the most imp thing is to change Thinking.According to rape study, Rapist are common man,than why did they do so??

they don't have their own mother sister?? to think?
Indian May 23 '14, 04:16
See, to reduce the case of rape in india it is more important to change the mindset of people than making stricter laws..if this punishment is meant for the accused, the people will not commit the crime out of fear and forced laws..so, whenever they get an oppurtunity they will commit the crime with a higher suppressed desire for power and dominance with even more inhumanity and cruelty...But, i do agree that the present laws are too loose...

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