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in the end of every episode of satyamev jayate aam... more
LetsHelpIndia Sep 11 '12, 23:43
Aamir Khan and his team wanted more and more p... more
LetsHelpIndia Sep 3 '12, 02:19
Uday Shankar, CEO of Star India wants aamir khan... more
LetsHelpIndia Sep 2 '12, 22:19

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  • Imran
    Imran liked Kiran's status
    respected sir/ Madam

    i m a nurse in hospital,daily i will see lot of patients how they will suffer because of money problem. all the medication prices were hike in our city, so i want to open an generic medicine shop in our home town so please help me sir.
    Apr 3, 02:36
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  • Lisa
    Lisa created new group
  • Mudasir
    A/a sir/mam.. Basically I am pursuing,few days ago I saw a show of Amir Khans about generic medicines and I really inspired.Now I wanna help my society.would u tell me how can I help my society.that will b ur most kindness......
  • Arushi
    Arushi commented on LetsHelpIndia's video
    Satyamev Jayate - Episode 12 - Water - Every drop counts - 22th July 2012
    After air, the next most vital thing for our survival is water. While at the moment we have enough water for our needs, a time is likely to come when ...
    Dec 9 '16, 18:16
    Open janashaudhi kendra
    Mahendra Prasad
    Jan 25, 07:21
    How I start this business in Kolkata
    Mar 2, 08:29
    Please tell me how I start jenerick medicine store.I am very interesting please.OK
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  • Harsh
    how to order our medicine on line on my address is there any option for that.....
  • Harsh
    how to order online our medicines
  • LetsHelpIndia
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    Satyamev Jayate
    Satyamev Jayate
    Satyamev Jayate - Truth Alone Prevails, is an Indian television talk show that aired on various channels within Star Network along with Doordarshan's ...
  • Satish
    Satish commented on Ritu's status
    I wish to open a store of generic medicine for public goods. Got a shop in I.p. Extn, of 170 ft can give free
    Apr 24 '15, 11:33
    i am ejaz from pakistan i want to open generic medicine store will you help me i inspire your talk about poor people and i want to help for human being. regards ejaz my mail id is (
    Jun 21 '15, 00:25
    डॉ. शर्मा जी ,भारतवर्ष में तमाम ऐसे लोग जो दवाइयों के आभाव में दम तोड़ देते हैं कम से कम उनको तो बहुत ही राहत मिलेगी। आपका कार्यक्रम सत्यमेव जयते देखने के बाद इस बात की अनुभूति हुई की की आपने जो यह कदम उठाया इसकी जितनी सराहना की जाय काम होगी। हम फैज़ाबाद (उत्तर प्रदेश ) के निवासी हैं आपकी तरह उन ग़रीबों के लिये मन में बहुत दर्द है। इस कार्य को यहाँ पर करना चाहता हूँ , कृपया रास्ता सुझायें। -सतीश नन्दराज
    डॉ. शर्मा जी ,भारतवर्ष में तमाम ऐसे लोग जो दवाइयों के आभाव में दम तोड़ देते हैं कम से कम उनको तो बहुत ही राहत मिलेगी। आपका कार्यक्रम सत्यमेव जयते देखने के बाद इस बात की अनुभूति हुई की की आपने जो यह कदम...See more
    Trp Bijoy
    Jan 29 '16, 18:02
    I would like to work in North Tripura District of Tripura. Our NGO is Vivekanda Seva Nays
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  • Guddu
    Guddu commented on Aisha's status
    main bahut preshan hoon
    Jun 23 '15, 22:26
    kya hum apki kucch madad kar sakte hai
    Jul 16 '15, 23:53
    sir I am guddu singh from Bihar I wish to open a generic medicine shop at saran for helping that person who can not get medicine due to lack of money sir please guide me and help them
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